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9th October 2005

loudnserene6:10pm: Challenge 10 Winners
Gah! It took forever to get enough votes to post this. Anyway, here you go:

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30th September 2005

loudnserene11:05pm: Challenge 10 Voting
Many apologies. It seems that once I vanished for a couple weeks, I got a whole bunch of entries. Odd how things work out - inactivity inspires activity. :) Here you go - much belated Challenge 10 Voting.

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8th September 2005

loudnserene1:54am: Reminder!
This is your reminder to enter CHALLENGE 10 for Friday night!!

I don't know what happened to everyone but I have little incentive at this point to continue running these contests with such a lack of participation. Please please participate again. This community was actually pretty active at one point :-(

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6th September 2005

loudnserene1:05pm: Update
So, you may be wondering where I've been. I had very limited internet access for the past several days so - no voting. I also began to think about extending challenge 10 for the following reasons:

1. I couldn't post the voting (clearly)
2. This past week has been super busy with me and I'm sure many others starting the first week of the semester. I have a very full semester this time and I'm concentrating on getting myself ahead right now with my school work.
3. I received some icons but I really think we can do better. I'm giving you a week to submit more icons.

So. You have until this Friday to submit icons. I'm very tired of extending this contest so I would love it if this is the last time that I extend a contest for a while. Voting will be up late Friday night/ early Saturday. Sunday, I will have winners and begin challenge 11.

Banners: Challenge 8 banners are complete. I need only post them. I have yet to get around to challenge 9 banners. Sorry.

Now you are up to date. Questions? Comments? Let me know. Also - anyone interested in picking up some posting duties, comment to this post. I could definitely use someone to help make posts when I can't so everything isn't always late. Mods can enter contests so rest assured, any assistant/co- mods can still actively participate.

Follow the link to enter challenge 10 - ENTER HERE

Have a nice, unstressful (ha!) week and I look forward to seeing more entries. :-)

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1st September 2005

loudnserene1:34pm: Reminder!
This is your reminder to get your icons for challenge 10 in by Saturday!


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29th August 2005

loudnserene11:30am: Challenge 10
This challenge is a bit more complicated because I had many ideas and I ended up combining ideas. I was bored though so I think this livens things up a bit. Carefully read challenge terms under the cut. Whoo! Challenge 10! Go us!

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27th August 2005

loudnserene11:05pm: Challenge 9 Winners
Here they are - FINALLY, this challenge comes to a close. I hope I can put up challenge 10 tomorrow.

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Current Mood: busy

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25th August 2005

loudnserene1:01am: Challenge 9 Voting
Okay, I had a hard time getting entries for this contest. I also lost internet access for a couple of days due to a faulty DSL router. I'm back with your voting though - sorry for the lateness!! It's only going to get more hectic now that I'm soon back to school and the moving process will render computer access difficult. We'll see though. For now, just vote.

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19th August 2005

loudnserene1:48pm: Enter enter enter enter enter enter enter enter enter enter enter challenge nine....!


Challenge 9 !!!!

thank you.

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13th August 2005

loudnserene1:37pm: Challenge 9
No voting. Due to lack of participation, the challenge is extended until Friday the 19th. Sorry to those who entered. This saddens me because I wanted to do a special challenge for challenge 10 but we never will if we don't finish challenge 9.

Enter Challenge 9

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11th August 2005

loudnserene1:24am: Mid Week Reminder!
This is to remind you to get entries into this post by Friday night.

Enter enter enter!!

Thank you.

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8th August 2005

loudnserene11:37am: Challenge 9
This week's song is...

Fixing A Hole

You may enter up to two icons. To enter, comment to this post only with the image(s) and image URL. Deadline is Friday night (very late Friday night). Good luck! Yeee! I love this song :D.

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loudnserene11:34am: Challenge 8 Winners
Winners under cut!:

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Go check out Challenge 9 !

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7th August 2005

loudnserene12:24am: Challenge 7 Banners
Banners are finished! Claim them under the cut...

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6th August 2005

loudnserene3:02am: Challenge Eight Voting
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1st August 2005

loudnserene9:57pm: Challenge 7 Winners
Sorry for the lateness. I will do banners soon!

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31st July 2005

loudnserene10:16pm: Challenge 8
This week's song is...

Yellow Submarine

This should be a fun one! :D You may enter up to two icons, enter by commenting to this post only with your icon(s) and icon URL. Deadline is Friday night!
Current Mood: sleepy

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30th July 2005

loudnserene3:14pm: vote vote
Challenge 7 Voting under the cut.

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27th July 2005

loudnserene9:36pm: Challenge 7 Reminder!
This is your reminder to get entries in for Challenge 7 by Friday. Enter Here!
Current Mood: drained

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25th July 2005

loudnserene9:49am: Challenge Six Winners
Winners under cut!

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Challenge Seven
Current Mood: sleepy

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24th July 2005

loudnserene12:52pm: Challenge 7
Your song is...

"A Day in the Life"
Copy of the Lyrics

Your icon must include some part of this song (and only this song). You may submit up to two icons. To enter, comment to this post only with your icon(s) and icon URL. Entries due Friday night. Thank you and good luck!
Current Mood: stressed

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23rd July 2005

loudnserene6:10pm: Challenge Six Voting!
Ohhh lateness. The world will be a much more wonderful place after this week though - no more intensive classes (until fall)! So may we all look forward to me having time again. :) Voting under the cut! Results will be up Monday morning I should think. New challenge will be up tomorrow. Vote vote!

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