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Beatles icon contest

Beatles icontest community
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Welcome! Heres the basic info:

Every week, a Beatles song will be chosen. Use any part of this song and ONLY this song to create a Beatles icon to submit. You may use pictures of any Beatle you wish - Paul.. George...Ringo... John... all of them... two of them... it's up to you! You may want to include a Beatle girlfriend/wife/friend in an icon. That is fine as long as a Beatle is part of the icon as well.

You may enter up to two icons. Please post your icon and the icon URL in the contest journal entry only. You must be a member to enter. Do not post your icon entries anywhere else before or during the contest (posting icons in other locations results in disqualification).
Example of a submission:


The song name will be posted usually on a Sunday. You will have until Friday evening to create and submit your icon(s). Voting will be posted either Friday night or early on a Saturday. Livejournal users will vote for the icons over the weekend. To vote, comment with your favorite three icons (in order with your top favorite listed first). You may not vote for your own icon. Winners first through third place will receive banners. The mod may select a mod's choice award for an icon deserving of recognition. The mod's choice may or may not be awarded (in most cases, depending on the number of entries). Winners will be announced Sunday evening.

loudnserene: Mod/Banner-maker
just1randomgirl: Mod
nevadafighter: Banner-maker