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So, you may be wondering where I've been. I had very limited internet access for the past several days so - no voting. I also began to think about extending challenge 10 for the following reasons:

1. I couldn't post the voting (clearly)
2. This past week has been super busy with me and I'm sure many others starting the first week of the semester. I have a very full semester this time and I'm concentrating on getting myself ahead right now with my school work.
3. I received some icons but I really think we can do better. I'm giving you a week to submit more icons.

So. You have until this Friday to submit icons. I'm very tired of extending this contest so I would love it if this is the last time that I extend a contest for a while. Voting will be up late Friday night/ early Saturday. Sunday, I will have winners and begin challenge 11.

Banners: Challenge 8 banners are complete. I need only post them. I have yet to get around to challenge 9 banners. Sorry.

Now you are up to date. Questions? Comments? Let me know. Also - anyone interested in picking up some posting duties, comment to this post. I could definitely use someone to help make posts when I can't so everything isn't always late. Mods can enter contests so rest assured, any assistant/co- mods can still actively participate.

Follow the link to enter challenge 10 - ENTER HERE

Have a nice, unstressful (ha!) week and I look forward to seeing more entries. :-)
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